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We are experts in treating and eliminating bed bugs in your home or business. We use only proven methods to treat and eradicate your bed bug problem. After treatment, we follow up on our own work with a K9 Inspection to verify the results so that we know the area we treated is bed bug free. As with termites, only a complete and thorough inspection can determine if you have a genuine bed bug problem and what it will take to treat and control it.

As with other insects, bug bites can be characterized by red, welt-like bumps on the skin and can cause any number of related issues including allergic reactions, skin infections, mental distress and, even anaphylactic shock, though this is rare. But an especially interesting and worrisome feature of bed bug bites is that you often do not see or feel the damage until long after it is done. That’s because bed bugs first inject you with an anesthetic before hungrily slurping your blood.

Bed Bugs can be very hard to detect so knowledge about how they look and behave can be very important to detecting them as soon as possible. Because they are flat and about the size of an apple seed, bed bugs can invade your home from almost anywhere. Drawn to warm, dark places near human hosts, bed bugs are also not simply relegated to living on mattresses and can be found in furniture, clothing, carpets and many more places. Furthermore, they can live for almost a full year in a home with a nominal temperature and adequate food supply.